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Poverty and Race: Agents in Justice Reform

A discussion on how poverty and race impact treatment within the criminal justice system to include new strategies and legislation designed to create equity in the system.  

Be the Loudest Voice: A Discussion on Advocacy

Be the Loudest Voice will explore the role of advocacy in the fight for equity within the criminal justice system.  The discussion will include example of how advocacy has helped to inform and shape legislation.  

Employment in Reintegration

Employment in Reintegration will discuss the current state of employment and how reform makes economic sense. 

Healthcare in Reintegration

Healthcare in Reintegration will cast a light on the hidden health issues related to successful reintegration. 

Housing in Reintegration

Housing in Reintegration will highlight the barriers to gaining housing for the formerly incarcerated, the work that is currently being done, and the reform required to improve the system. 

Town Hall Discussion: Criminal Justice Looking Forward

The Town Hall Discussion will focus on sharing the current strategies and work being doing at the state and national level; as well as the outlook on criminal justice reform over the next 10 years. 


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